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Great course! Helped me find the missing pieces as to why so many children have sensory issues and what I can do to help.


J. J.  (KY )

“Valuable tool to understand various differences in learning and behavior.”  “Wonderful Educational Tool”


P. D. (KY) 

“Thank you from the bottom of my heart. I have such great hope.”


J. P.

“It (the class) was very informative and movement based which made it very interesting.  I didn’t ‘Zone Out’ like you do in typical courses from sitting for hours on end.”


K. B. 

“There are benefits of Rhythmic Movement and taking reflexes into consideration when assessing patients.”



“Great job (Reference to Instructor), warm, hospitability, knowledge, but perceptive and aware


A. Z. (NY) 

“RMT brings your level of awareness about movements, reflexes and impairments into a new light and new way of thinking  - truly amazing!  Fantastic course!


Katie (IN)-

"I appreciated being non-judgemental at what parents, culture, & . . .  . are doing that inhibit integration (of reflexes)"


B..H  (OH)
"Carolyn demonstrated the movements and described them very well."  "Carolyn has a great space. .. .(for the classes" 

Ruth  (NB)

I liked, "Carolyn's style and depth of knowledge."  I liked least, "the fact that class ended."


"RMT provides a vehicle to address primitive reflexes in a true educational model that is easily facilitated with any person."

"Enjoyed the entire course."




Material is excellent.

This fills a hole in my knowledge understanding and treatment ability/modification.  This provides an effective way to treat children that can’t do . . . .other programs requiring more coordination.


 B.B. (MI)

This is the first training course that I left energized. . not drained.

Liked best – Everything – all the personal touches, Carolyn’s stories, how we began and ended and intentions. Course surpassed expectations.


C.K.L (MI)

Thank You.  I attended the course based on a friends suggestion.  It was useful.


K. H. (MI)

Wonderful!  Useful to everyone!


R.K. (MI)

RMT is subtle, simple and vastly profound.  I appreciated the stories of you rown experiences with the work and also the video clips of the babies. . . Very helpful for anchoring the info.  . . Tons of great stuff which I will use immediately – including teaching techniques.  Carolyn’s modeling of the gentle, respectful approach . . .


Anonymous – (MI)

Carolyn is lovely and I enjoyed my experience.


C. B. (CO)

Wonderful Winter weekend filled with Laughter, Learning and Great Snacks.  How awesome this info is!!  And “Others” will understand the body after these trainings. 


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