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"Moves to Calm"

March 14, 2020  
Berthoud, CO
Class times - 9:30am to 12:00pm 
Tuition - Free if you register by March 12, 2020
Register by March 12, 2020
Click here to register for Moves to Calm>>

In this free introduction, you will learn and experience movements that can calm and create a coherent mind and body. The movements are valuable to anyone of any age. They can help alleviate daily stresses. The movements are simple, but very profound. Come and check it out for yourself.


This workshop is for anyone, of any age who wants to reduce stress.  You are welcome to bring school aged children to experience these movements. Teachers, OTs, Parents, school aged students are welcome to attend.


This is an active class, so please wear comfortable clothing, bring a quilt or mat for floor time and a bottle of water.


Movement Concepts:

  • Movements encourage neurological and motor development 

  • Movements can strengthen and grow nerve networks

  • Movements can calm, activate the brain, release stress and learning blocks

  • Physical movement can stimulate both sides

        of the body for easier functioning and learning

  • Encourage choices & movement for ease of learning

  • Intentional movements are for all ages, 





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