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Home Play

When you or your child have a Brain Gym balance, it's often helpful to continue movements at home to help "anchor" the new learning. Home play is a great way to keep building mind-body connections on your own--without daily sessions with a Brain Gym consultant. 

The gem of Brain Gym is to know you have choice--there's no prescription, but there's lots of beneficial play. Choose a movement that will help you hold on to the great feeling you've experienced through more in-depth Brain Gym sessions. Keep in mind, the movements shown are best experienced within the process of a Brain Gym balance--a 5-step process which includes setting a goal and understanding how close you are to "owning" the goal you want. Movements, indepth work and repatterning are options you may choose when you meet with a consultant for a Brain Gym session. 

The following photos are based on the work of Paul Dennison, Ph.D and Gail E. Dennison. Read more about how to do the movement and why the movements work through the Dennison's book "Brain Gym Teacher's Edition."   

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