"Cursive Writing with Ease"/Hand Reflexes

March 28, 2020  
Berthoud, CO
Class times - 1:00pm to 3:30pm 
Early Discount Date - March 26, 2020
Tuition $35 if registered by March 26, 2020 
Certificate Included
Register by March 26 for Discount 
After March 26, Tuition is $50
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Workshop Description

Many of the schools are not including cursive writing in the curriculum.  Research is telling us that cursive is good for brain development and many people still want their children to learn cursive. (On the last voting ballot, it required that the name be written in cursive, not printed.)

In this workshop, you will learn techniques to assist with the hand reflexes  the flow of handwriting. 

  • To experience movements and activities to enhance handwriting 

  • To experience activities associated with the infinity 8

  • To learn and experience the flow of making letters in a simple way

Teachers, parents, therapists or anyone who wants to know more about how they learn are welcome.