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Brain Gym® 

What Is Brain Gym? Brain Gym (a part of Educational Kinesiology) provides a series of simple movements to enhance whole-brain learning. The activities are easy and enjoyable, and bring about rapid-often dramatic-improvements. Brain Gym develops the brain's neural pathways the way nature does: through movement. People of all ages and needs can live up to their potential with ease by using these effective movements. The movements are simple and can be done with parents, therapists or in the classroom.

This modality uses a choice model.  The participant has active input in setting intentions as well as choosing movements that are valuable for them.  It also offers the option of movements rather than drugs.

Possibilities with intentional movement:

Appropriate and helpful for many learning challenges

Improved concentration

Improved confidence

Improved listening skills/following directions

Improved motor skills - sports performance

Improved Self awareness and self discipline

Improved social skills

Improved reading and self-expression

Published studies show the effectiveness of Brain Gym. The program is being incorporated into a growing number of corporate, schools, and athletic training programs. Brain Gym has been used in many countries around the world for more than 40 years.

*Click here to read more research about Brain Gym.

*Dr. Bruce Lipton/Researcher talking about Brain Gym®

Brain Gym was created by Dr. Paul Dennison in the 1970’s. Thousands of people have been successful in using this modality for ease of learning and life skills.

Carolyn was a Brain Gym® Instructor for 20 years and used BG in the classroom.

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